Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beautiful Flowers

Hi there.
I treated myself to a bunch of peonies yesterday and just look how lovely they are.

I have admired these beauties from a far for a long time but felt that they were just a little bit too expensive to buy for myself but yesterday the supermarket had reduced them by a couple of pound so I decided to push the boat out.  The stems were quite long so I chopped about an inch off and put them in a tall vase.  There were lots of really tight buds which I didn't expect to open but low and behold when I got up this morning each one had unfirled just a little.  I can't wait to see them all in full bloom.

I have had quite an exciting day today.  I have noticed that in a lot of the craft and knitting magizines they are using 4 ply cotton in their patterns.  This is of course because there is the possibility of warm weather to come.  Well we can all dream.
So in a bid to stock what I hope will be the next big thing I have contacted a couple of new suppliers with a view to purchasing what I hope will be some delectable coloured yarn.
I always get really excited at the prospect of stocking something different.  I know this sort of thing has been around a long time but it is still new to me.  I think once I have it I will have to leave my aran and chunky at home to make room for it in the car.  I will let you see the colours up on delivery.
Oh also I don't know if I mentioned that I have some new alpaca mix sock wool from Peru.  It is lovely and I am assured that you can get one pair of socks from one 50 gram ball.  Any how I am still a bit unsure of this promise but today I have found a free sock pattern which only takes 50 grams so I will be trying this out and if it works will be issuing the pattern with every skein.  It makes what is quite an expensive yarn at £4.00 seem like good value if you can get a pair of socks out of it.  I will keep you posted.
Paula x

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