Sunday, 23 March 2014

Clumber Park Yarn Bomb

There are draw backs to owning your own company one being the long hours.  This ultimately plays havoc with your social life and days out seem to be a thing of the distant past.
We did however manage a short run to Clumber Park, Nr Retford a couple of weeks ago.
A lovely lady at Clumber contacted me and many others with a view to contributing to a yarn bomb they were organising to celebrate the wassailing season.  This is when the apple trees are blessed in order to guarantee a good harvest in the months to come.

I put it to my knit and natter group and being a very enthusiastic crowd, they took up the challenge to knit rectangles to wrap around the trees and knitted apples to hang off them.
In total we produced and large carrier bag full of beautifully knitted bits and pieces which I then delivered the week before the festival.

Steve and I then went along to see the finished result.

There was lots for the kids to get involved in and also freshly squeezed apple juice for the adults to sample.  There was singing and dancing and much merriment.

We had a lovely time and it was great to pick out our knitting on the trees.  It certainly put us in the mood for further excursions should we have the time.