Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Peace and Tranquillity

I have been the worst blogger ever just lately and can't believe I have neglected this space so badly.  Unfortunately I have had quite a lot of stress due to my Mums illnesses and now to her recently being diagnosed with dementia.  She is coping well but it has been very difficult for the family.
Anyway I am here now and am determined to get back on track.  The blog may change a little as it is now connected directly to my revamped website.  I strongly suggest you hurry over there to Needlecraft Corner 
We have lots of lovely fabrics, wool and buttons on the site and there will be lots more added shortly as soon as I find the time to get them all on.
Obviously as the blog evolves it will also include items that have arrived in the shop but it will still include what I have been up to both out and about and at home in my little crafty world.  I hope you continue to drop by and I look forward to sharing my comings and goings with you all.

Last weekend we had a lovely time pottering about the house doing lots of jobs that we've been putting off.  Mainly gardening.  We love being outside and are determined this year to progress with our vegetable patch.  This consists of two 10 x 3 foot beds which currently have potatoes, leeks and cabbages in them.  Watch this space as more things will be going in as the weeks go by.
On Sunday afternoon after sorting the garden etc Steve suggested that we go out for a walk so we jumped in the car and set off for a new haunt of ours which we discovered a couple of weeks ago.

This is an absolutely beautiful stretch of canal at Sykehouse near Doncaster.
Hawthorne in full bloom
It is definitely a hidden treasure that is not often used by boats or walkers.  It is packed with fish of various sizes and types and there are plenty of fishermen sat enjoying the scenery.  We have walked several stretches of this waterway recently and love the tranquillity of the place.  We even came across a little bunny rabbit on the toll path this week together with herons too.
A heron landing on the opposite bank
 On a completely different topic, I wanted to create a little work of art using some of the plants found in our garden.  I had been browsing Pinterest as you do, and decided to mount a few of the items picked in the garden on a canvas.  I then sprayed them with craft paint bought at B & Q and this was the result.  I was so happy and it now sits proudly in our recently decorated kitchen.
My latest work of art
Well that's all I've got for you today but promise to be back soon with the reveal of my brand new patchwork quilt.
Thanks for dropping by x