Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy 2015

After promising to blog more I seem to have actually blogged less which is very annoying as blogging means so much to me and did at one time seem to take over any spare moments I had.
As ever life gets in the way.  I am however determined to get back in touch with this wonderful pass time as I do love it so.
After a short walk along the Chesterfield canal and the brief taking of a few photos I resolved to start again and try to be a frequent visitor.
I have missed looking with the eye of a blogger at the scenery around me.  I have rarely bothered even to remember my camera lately which is not like me.  In my defence I haven't actually managed to get out much what with the shop and all.  However that should change as my very good friend Catherine has volunteered to work the odd Saturday for me so maybe I will be able to go further afield in the future months.
The newly renovated house at Top Lock
New Years Day was a bit murky but we were just happy to get out in the fresh air having been cooped up for far too long.  We had my 91 year old Mum over for Christmas.  Unfortunately she fell backwards off the last step on the stairs on Christmas Eve damaging her knee ligaments.  We spent boxing day in A & E as the pain got gradually worse.  She then had a TIA (slight stroke) a day later but being a tough cookie she is recovering much better than we could have hoped for and has remained at her home rather than go to hospital.
This has been the house of my dreams for a long time and has recently been rented out. No amount of arm twisting could persuade hubby that we should take it! Obviously there is something better around the corner.  I can but hope.
As you can imagine it has been quite a traumatic time for all of us and therefore we are welcoming in the new year with a little trepidation.  However onwards and upwards as they say.
Happy New Year x