Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Completed Projects

It's been ages since I showed you my finished projects mostly because many were gifts for Christmas as of course if I had shown you it would have spoilt the surprise for my nearest and dearest family and friends.  Anyway without further ado here goes:
A chunky cardigan greatly appreciated by my son's partner Steph.

A super chunky jumper given to my mother in law for Christmas.  I love how this turned out and will give this another try.

A sample for the shop knitted in James C Brett marble chunky.  A pattern I have done many times and love it's simplicity.

A birthday present for my Mum who loves getting cosy underneath it.  This pattern can be found as a tutorial on line.

A little embroidery and applique picture which I am still to complete even though it was meant to be a quick job.

A holiday project made for my Mum instead of bringing her something back that she wouldn't really want.  This is a pattern taken from Attic 24 and is her jolly chunky bag.

A cardigan made for an order using the Sirdar pattern in the picture.  This was great to do and  I would gladly make this again in the future.

A Christmas present for my Mum using a pattern for the weekend bag from Attic 24.  It was so easy to make.  I have one too!
The easiest shawl ever and a absolute dream to make.  I will post the pattern soon.  This was given to my friend for her birthday earlier this month and she loved it.  She is very much in to lets say, the murkier colour choices.
Well I hope you liked my round up of the latter quarter of 2016's makes.  I always work better under pressure and seem to get everything done despite my self doubts.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A new year and a new craft

Hello and a very happy new year to you all.
I feel like I should apologise for not posting in such a long time but as this is what I always seem to be doing lately I'm going to skip it and get on with what I've been up to.
Over the past few weeks I have been learning how to do needle felting which I hadn't done before but always fancied, mainly because it looks so creative and there is so much that you can do within what is quite an inexpensive craft.  Anyway it started when a couple of ladies determined to learn needle felting came to the shop and asked if I did lessons.  Obviously I didn't but suggested that if they came along and paid a very nominal amount I would not only learn with them but provide guidance where needed.  Since then it has blossomed and I now run lessons on a one to one basis and have a group booked in in early February which is very exciting.
So far these are a few of the things I have made.
The Wren I gave to my husband for Christmas as wrens are his favourite bird.  The dog was supposed to look like Millie, Steve's Nana's dog.  She loved it. The sheep is mine and is displayed in the shop and the picture will eventually be framed and put in the lounge.
I am really pleased with the results of my first efforts and have found a new craft that I can develop and enjoy for years to come.