Thursday, 31 October 2013

Birthday Celebrations

It was my Mums birthday this week and as it was her 90th my youngest brother and his wife organised a long weekend away at Thorsby Hall, near Retford.
We arrived last Friday and stayed until Monday.  We had a lovely time and Mum thoroughly enjoyed herself.
The food was excellent and the staff were great.
On the last night they all came out with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday.
Me & Mum with my two brothers

The entertainment was brilliant, even Elvis Presley made an appearance.
There were lots of things to do during the day.  We decided to go on the Bird Walk. We were surprised to find that everyone on the walk was given a bird to hold.  I chose the smallest, a little owl whilst hubby got the biggest and heaviest.  We loved every minute of it.
The Great Hall

Friday, 11 October 2013

My New Website

It's all go around here at the moment.
I decided about a month ago that the next step in my business plan would be to have my own website selling wool and haberdashery.  I have been trading on the stall for just over two and a half years but it's time to move things along a little.
After thinking about it I then took the plunge and hired a website designer to do all the IT work for me.  Blogging I can do, website designing I leave to the experts.
I did however buy my domain names and sort out the web host and little bits and bobs like that and I have had a lot of input in to how I want the site to look.  My son has drawn the banner and a little wool basket too, so it's been a joint effort so far.
I am now in the process of making lists, taking photographs, making more lists, taking more photographs etc etc.  It is absolutely mind blowing how much work is involved and then once I have done my stuff the designer takes over and hopefully in about a month I will have my own on line store.
It is very exciting and I will obviously keep you all posted as to developments but for the time being if I seem a bit elusive don't worry I will be back.