Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Great British Bake Off

I love baking and love watching cookery programmes, so to get a program that is about baking is a double whammy for me.
I have been looking forward to the return of The Great British Bake Off for some time but I had to miss it on Tuesday evening because we decided to go and see Brave at the pictures. The movie was absolutely brilliant.  I loved every bit of it and so did hubby so it must have been good.  As soon as I heard it had Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson doing the voice overs I knew it was a 'must see' and I wasn't disappointed. I'm a sucker for kids films but Disney's films seem to appeal to everyone.  Going for the 8.00pm showing seemed to keep most of the kids away so it was peaceful at least.
Anyway, I caught up with Mary Berry and company last night and really enjoyed the program.  It is the same format as before but they promise that the competition will be even harder this series.  I remarked that I wouldn't mind going on the show but soon changed my mind when they dealt out the various baking challenges.  I'd be a nervous wreck.

In honour of the program and totally inspired I knocked up a few fairy cakes.  They were certainly winners in our house.


  1. Those little cakes look like winners to me!

  2. Yummy! I love that show as well and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    In fact, there are some good programmes coming up for Autumn. Really looking forward to the return of Downton.
    I made Hairy Bikers lemon and blueberry muffins this morning. They are so good!

  3. Wasn't it a great start to GBBO? The Union Jack inside cake was fabulous. xx