Thursday, 1 November 2018

What's been happening?

Well hello there and welcome.  I'm back and with so much to tell you I hardly know where to begin.  I noted that my last post was on the 15th May 2018 and who could have even tried to predict what has happened since then?  Well the first thing is that on the 22nd May we viewed what has now become our new home.
We have holidayed many times in the last few years in a place called Winston in County Durham.  We absolutely loved the area and as my family originate from that area and my Mum apparently paddled in the River Tees when she was in her teens, I have a certain affinity with the place.  Anyway on our holiday in April we found quite by chance on a beautiful little cottage in Barnard Castle and decided to go to the estate agent to arrange a viewing.  This was purely for research you understand and no way were we serious about buying.  Anyway the house owners had already accepted an offer and it was at that moment that we decided that we definitely wanted to move to the area.  It was a lightening bolt and at the time totally out of the question but something we couldn't get out of our minds.
We went back to our home in Doncaster feeling totally disorientated and couldn't quite understand our emotions.
In the weeks that following we investigated more and more and on the 22nd May we arranged to go back and view 4 different properties, the cottage being one of them as we had learnt that it was back on the market.  After viewing the houses we decided on one which wasn't what we had expected but that we both fell in love with for different reasons.
To cut a very long story short we are now the proud owners of a dilapidated 1960's house in Barnard Castle.
Before - the rather unusual bathroom tiles
I live here and my hubby comes up for long weekends.  He lives in the old house which is sold but is pending the exchange of contracts.
The other massive change is the fact that I have now closed Needlecraft Corner, my shop, although the Website remains for the time being pending my next major decision which is to keep or wrap up that side of the business.  That decision is for another day.
So there you have it and there is the reason why I have been absent for so long even though on the 15th of May I promised that I was back in the land of blogging.  Maybe now you will understand and hopefully forgive me for my long absence.
After - A quick makeover to make bath time more bearable (the plug is disappearing into bubbles)
I can assure you that I have missed talking to you all and sending my messages to you.
It feels so good to be back and although this time I make no promises I hope to get back in to the swing and let you in to my world once again.