Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Weight Watching

I was looking for a particular photograph of me when I was slim so that I could show you how I want to look in the future.
I don't really have a photo I want to show you of how I look now.  No wonder when someone else takes one of me it always gives me such a shock. I always look so much older on the outside than I feel on the inside.  Does everyone feel like that or is it just me?
These are all the old leaves I have turned over in the past.

Anyway I am turning over yet another new leaf.
The picture I was looking for was when I was about to leave to start my training as a Weight Watchers leader. I had my before picture and Steve took one of me at my goal weight.  I was 9 stone 9lb and felt absolutely fabulous. I was a comfortable size twelve but owned a couple of size 10 skirts!  I now pack more than a couple of stones on top of that and feel the exact opposite.
Since starting back at WW a few weeks ago I weigh more than when I started and short of having my jaw wired shut I'm not sure how to stop spiralling out of control.
I don't do things in moderation.  I'm like Topsy.  When I'm good I'm very good but when I'm bad I'm horrible!
I realise that as always I have left it far too late to slip in to that little black dress for Christmas and will probably end up in something that makes me as invisible as possible.
Anyway Steve and I have decided that eating healthier is the only option and today is the day.  I promise to keep you informed and feel very positive.  Wish me luck I am going to need it, particularly as I opened a bottle of the new Orange Truffle Baileys the other night.  Oh dear!


  1. Weight is such a struggle. I feel the same way about any pics. I have been dieting this year and even though I have lost a lot of weight when I see myself I still say UGH!
    I know that you can do this. It seems easier once you get all those sweets out of your system...this is such a hard time to do that. I have an app on my phone that has helped me to track my food and exercise. That has really helped.

  2. You can definitely do it. Maybe change tactics this time. E.g W W never worked as well as it did the first time for me. As if my body was shocked by it! Now it isn't as effective. xx