Sunday, 17 July 2011

No Sew Log Cabin Blanket


I have just started a knitted blanket and thought that you might like the pattern.  It is very simple and is a way of using up all your odds and ends of spare wool.  I am using a 4mm size 8 knitting needle with double knit wool.

Cast on 20 stitches, knit 38 rows to make the central square.  Cast off leaving the last stitch on the right hand needle.  Pick up 19 stitches evenly along the left side of the square - 20 stitches in total.
When picking up put pick up needle through the 'bumps' instead of the 'loops' as this will give a tighter seam.
Knit 19 rows.  This creates the first 'log' of the log cabin.  At the end of the first row there may be a loop.  If so, knit in with the last stitch.
Cast off as before, leaving the last stitch on the right hand needle.  Pick up down the left side - 9 stitches from the side of the last knitted block and 20 stitches from the cast on edge of the original square.  30 stitches.
Continue in this manner.  The next 2 logs will have 40 stitches, the following 2 logs 60 stitches etc.
When 4 logs are completed on each side (100 stitches) cast off.  Carefully sew in any ends. 
Obviously if you want a bigger blanket just keep going.

N.B. Always cast off with the same side facing up and pick up down the left side of the work.

Happy knitting.  Paula x

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  1. That looks really pretty and just a bit different.
    I'd love to knit it but I don't think I dare take on any more projects right now.
    I'm crocheting granny squares, will be knitting a cardigan (if yarn ever turns up) and doing a lot of sewing projects too.