Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Knitting Patterns

Good Morning
Here's my latest knitting project.  It has taken me just over a week to finish.  I'm not sure that the up to the minute shade of lime lends itself particularly well to the traditional pattern however this was a commission so the customer gets what they ask for.
I had a devil of a job matching the buttons but as always  the mother of pearl shell buttons came to the rescue.  I have sold more of them than any of the others as they go with anything.  I hope the couple like it.

Moving on, I received an email from the guy who supplies some of my more special yarns.  Here are a few of the new baby patterns that appear in the Spring/Summer 2011 Katia pattern book.
I just adore this outfit.  Look at the cute smiley giraffe.  I'm not sure what thickness of wool this is done in but suspect it will be 4 ply cotton.  I know from a recent visit to a local wool and fabric store that Katia do do a 4 ply cotton.
On that subject I had a long conversation with a rep from King Cole yesterday who was surprised that I was interested in stocking 4 ply cotton.  He said he had never been asked for it.  Can you believe that?
Unfortunately though I won't be stocking King Cole as they demand large minimum orders and I just can't warrant that kind of outlay at this stage.  I was quite sad about it as they do have some extremely nice yarns particularly one called Riot which as the name suggests is a riot of jewel and clashing colours. 
This one is crocheted by the look of it.  When you look closely the only difference between this and a more traditional pattern are the colours.  It got me thinking that any pattern even really old vintage patterns could be worked in modern colours and the results would be incredible.  Note to one's self.  Search through my old patterns and have a go.
I love the vivid and unusual colours and styles available for babies at the moment but I realise that there are still lots of people who take a lot of convincing hence my stock of the more subdued powder pink, lemon and pale blue with a splash of lime, dusky pink and denim for good measure. 
My mums friend is a fantastic knitter and is paid lots to knit fair isle waistcoats for the Scottish market.
She has very kindly offered to knit me a few samples using the patterns I sell, for my stall so I will be taking her up on her very kind offer shortly. I would love to be able to do everything myself but it is quite impossible so I definitely need a little help from my friends as the song goes.
Well it's that time again.  Speak soon Paula x


  1. Just catching up with you. You have been busy! I am a very slow knitter and I haven't "finished " any knitting in ages (although Ive started plenty!!!). I didn't know about the quilt festival - I'll have to try and catch it next year. xxx

  2. Ahhh, all those little garments are so sweet and I have to say I love bright, modern colours the babies wear these days.
    It's red hot here but I'm knitting socks and crocheting granny squares for a blanket.
    The hotter it gets the more I seem to want to work with yarn!
    Must be my subconscious dreaming of cooler weather.