Sunday, 24 July 2011

Back to the Chesterfield Canal

Hi and welcome.
Before I show you where we have been today I would like preview the finished stitched birthday card I talked about on Friday.
I hope you like it as I loved making it and will be making a lot more in the near future.  My friend was watching me sewing it on Saturday and suggested putting a few on my stall.  I think it might be a good idea.  I'll let you know if they are a success.
Well on with today's visit to the Chesterfield Canal.  Steve and I are trying to lose a few pounds ready for our holiday which coincides with my 50th Birthday and so we decided to have a walk along the canal just to loosen up a little.
We started out at Drakeholes. This is Florence the narrow boat.  This is also the place where I visited the Maid of Fibre narrow boat that Rojer told me about.  I was able to buy a few different wools that I couldn't
have bought elsewhere, so thank you Rojer for pointing me in their direction.  Unfortunately they are now on their way to Liverpool so when they will be back down this way I don't know.
We walked for roughly two miles to bridge 68 passing under bridge 72 which is called The Old Man Bridge.  The bridge has a carving of a bearded mans face on its parapet.
I'm sorry to say that he is looking the worse for wear. I've heard of mud in your eye but that's ridiculous.
We walked as far as Clayworth and stood on Otters Bridge taking in the scenery.

and sat and had a drink of water and a banana here.
On the way back we saw lots of nature including some wonderful butterflies.

There was another boat doing quite a tricky manoeuvre through the bridge with a non too happy fisherman sat on the bank.
So there you have it.  A four mile hike through beautiful countryside in glorious weather.  That's what life is all about.
Bye for now, Paula x


  1. Jealous! I've yet to walk from Clayworth to Stockwell. It looks beautiful.

  2. Lovely pictures! It made me feel quite homesick. Wish I could have a trawl around Chesterfield market. I really wouldn't mind if it rained.
    That is a great card. I can imagine there is quite a bit of work in it although having a hard time understanding the techniqe that you describe in the earlier post.

  3. Weve not done this stretch yet. It looks a lovely stretch. The problem with canal walking is that it is flat so doesnt get you very fit - and is littered with pubs along the way!! tempting you in!!!