Friday, 22 July 2011

Stitching Cards

Good evening and thanks for dropping by.
A few days ago I popped in to the local craft shop and saw a lady there stitching a butterfly using stitch form design stickers.

What happens is that the sticker peels off and is placed on a piece of coloured card.  Each picture has punched holes in it and by stitching in to each whole an embroidered picture unfolds.
It is very difficult to explain so I think the best way is to make the card and show it to you when it's finished. I'm looking forward to getting started.  I can't make up my mind which one to do first.  I think I will do the dress and hat set with pink underneath.  If it turns out I will send it to Steve's Nanna for her birthday next week.
Oh and finally can you see how much my log cabin blanket has grown.  Here it is but it's not quite finished yet.  I will use up the apple green wool and see if it needs to be any bigger. (The picture is not great I'm afraid.
Well that's all folks.  It will soon be bedtime and in no time at all I'll be selling my wares on the market stall.  These Saturdays come round so quickly.
Bye for now. Paula x

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