Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Garden Bouquet

Hi and welcome
I have been a bit poorly these last couple of days.  Unfortunately I have nasty headaches which can last anything up to a week.  My doctor informs me that they are due to my age which is extremely reassuring - NOT.  Anyhow I have been stuck indoors and have been feeling more than a tad sorry for myself.
Today I've felt more like my old self even if I do look rather washed out or wangy as my family would say. 

Flowers from my garden

So as a way of cheering myself up and because I had just watched a lovely episode of the Waltons and wanted to enjoy the simple things in life I picked myself a gorgeous bunch of garden flowers.  They look better than any shop bought bouquet and didn't cost a penny.  I expect I will be sharing my home with a few creepy crawlies for a day or two but that's OK.
Bye for now, Paula x

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  1. Oh the Waltons! Get well soon mary Ellen. xxx