Sunday, 27 January 2013

Napkin Decoupage - Heart & Clock

As you know we have been decorating the bedroom.  This is finished now thankfully although we have got three months to wait before the shutters can be fitted. I don't want to put anything else up at the windows at the moment so you can imagine, there's a lot of bobbing up and down so that no one can see me in my various stages of undress!
I am now putting together the finishing touchs,  my Kirstie Allsop bedding, putting up mirrors and making a few homely bits and bobs.
I bought a packet of tissues when I went over to the Meadowhall Cath Kidston shop recently and decided to do a little decoupage.  The heart is just a polystyrene blank that I picked up at the range but the overall effect is very pretty.
I then got a bit carried away and covered my bedside clock.  It looked so out of place being silver and plastic but I think this looks a lot better.
Of all the crafts I have learnt I think napkin decoupage has to be one of my favourites.  It is so versatile.

Now, changing the subject.
Just before Christmas I had my nails done for a party I was going to.  They were gel which I have never had before.  I am a qualified nail technician but I only learnt normal manicures and acrylic so I was very interested in this new method.
Anyhow I decided to buy all the equipment including the lamp and yesterday as we were yet again snowed in I decided to have a go.
For a first attempt I don't think I did too badly. The colour is a bit wishy washy but I loved doing them and can't wait to have another go. 


  1. Hello Paula,
    I should be at my Textiles course tonight but my poor little doggy is poorly and I have nobody to babysit. So I thought I'd take a peek at your blog. I love Napkin Decoupage, it looks really nice! You'll have to give me a quick lesson!! Just off to nosey some more. See you soon

  2. I'm after a clock like that where can I buy one please?

    1. Hi Craig, thank you for following my blog and for your comment. I have replied to you by email but can confirm that should you wish I can decorate a clock for you. If you email back with your details I can let you have a price. Regards Paula