Thursday, 3 January 2013

Holiday Blues

I am very lucky not to have returned to work after the New Year holiday.  By using 2 days from last years holiday entitlement I have managed to get a full week off.  It's complicated but believe me it's all above board.
Unfortunately this doesn't mean I have escaped the post Christmas blues and yesterday wasn't great I can tell you.
As you know I decided to go to Meadowhall to source the highly coveted Cath Kidston wallpaper. BIG mistake.  I am so glad I didn't order it on line.  It was horrible.  There was not one pattern that grabbed me.  I really wanted the Birds and Roses design which, when I saw it did not float my boat.  The pattern was splodgy and quite frankly, ugly. 
Now I know this will cause controversy as I am aware that Cath Kidston is the epitome of style and good taste.  I'm sorry but I was unimpressed.  I even looked at the clothes as I would have loved a t-shirt in one of the floral designs I have seen on the Internet.  The only one they had looked like one of those thermal things Grandad wears in the Waltons. I have read a few reviews from people who have bought her clothes and some of them are quite damming.
After a good two hour traipse and a brain numbing visit to Laura Ashley where the assistants were bored and unhelpful I managed to find a gorgeous neutral polka dot in the Next sale.  Not quite what I thought I wanted but perfect as it turned out.  The girls there were lovely and I got the whole lot for less than two rolls of the Kidston stuff.
OK rant over, take a breath and keep calm.
I promised to show you a couple of things once the light improved and here goes.
First up is a birthday card I made using a free stamp set I got with one of my craft magazines.  If ever you see these kind of freebies please buy and try.  I wasn't convinced that stamping was for me but after watching a few Create and Craft features on Free View TV I am hooked. 
I stamped on to spare card first, then painted them using a fine brush and a couple of stamping pads.  You could use felt tips or watercolour paints as an alternative. I also highlighted a new areas with the odd dot of glitter glue. 
I love cutting and sticking, I think it puts me in mind of being a little girl again.  I was always cutting out and colouring and I have never lost the fascination for it. Steve has been known to buy me a colouring book for a little present, bless him.
The other thing I made on New Years day was lavender soap.  When I first started trading on my stall I made little heart shaped soaps and put them in organza bags with my contact details.  I gave them away as  free gifts and they went down a storm.  I haven't made soap since then but this method is really easy.  I just used a solid base soap, melted it down in an old pan and added a teaspoon of cosmetic quality essential oil fragrance and colouring.  All bought off the Internet of course.  I used a  plastic container as a mould and popped a couple of dried sprigs of lavender on top for decoration.  The only problem now is it's too nice to use.


  1. That card is beautiful.
    Glad that you finally found some wall paper that you liked. Shopping can be so frustrating.

  2. Love the soap Paula! The card is also lovely. Meadowhall sounds really annoying, especially with your experience in Laura Ashley. I find most shop assistants really annoying, rude and unhelpful around Xmas but sounds like Next pulled through for you!