Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Visit to Southwell

Gossips Coffee House
I wish I could be off work everyday, I would have such fun.
Yesterday I took my Mum out for the day to Southwell (pronounced Suthell).  What a treat.  It was lovely. 
I was told about it originally by a friend at work and then after reading Diane's blog (Heartshaped) I decided that it looked like the kind of place I would love.  I wasn't disappointed.
The shops are small and quaint with old-fashioned frontages.  There were lovely gift shops, clothes shops, cafes and even (wait for it) a little wool shop.  Unfortunately this was closed.
We were advised to visit Gossips Coffee House for lunch by the lady in the handmade chocolate shop.  We obliged as we thought it would have been rude not to.  We ordered homemade carrot and parsnip soup and it was delicious.  The waitress who served us was absolutely amazing.  Nothing was too much trouble. 
I would say if you don't go anywhere else this side of Christmas please take a trip to Southwell but avoid Mondays if you want to buy wool.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Worksop Christmas Market

Hello and welcome.
Well this week has been a busy one with 2 visits to my market stall.
Tuesday was the official Christmas lights switch on at Worksop.  It was very well attended with swathes of people and of course there was a visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  No expense spared there then!
Minnie Mouse
The kids loved it and the atmosphere was great.
My stall was decked out complete with a Christmas tree, tinsel and fairy lights.
Needlecraft Corner
The street lights looked lovely too.
Worksop Christmas Lights
It was a long day though.  We arrived at nine in the morning and left at nine in the evening, but it was totally worth it.
I met lots of lovely people who kindly visited me at my stall yesterday too.  Who could ask for more, I am very lucky.
A lady who introduced herself to me was Eunice English.  She took a photograph of me and said she would put it on her blog.  She also gave me her blog address but when I tried to visit it I got a warning message.  If you read this Eunice could you leave a comment and let me know if your blog has a virus issue and give me your blog address again.

Gents Mobile Phone Cover

Just to let you know that it hasn't all been work and no play this week, I did manage to make this little phone cover for a friend at work.  He liked mine and asked if I could make him a manly version.  He wanted it plain and simple and I think I managed to fit the brief.  He was pleased so that was nice.

Well it's time to go.  I'm having a nice chill day today with lots of crafting I hope.

I've got a couple of days off too so that's exciting and on Diane at Heart Shaped blogs recommendation I am taking my Mum to Southwell tomorrow.  It sounded lovely and I can't wait to sample the pretty shops.  Who knows I might remember my camera and take a few pictures to show you next time we chat.
Bye Paula x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Craft Fair at Walkers Nursery

I seem to be settling in to a once a week visit to my blog and although I think about blogging more often and would love to do so time restrictions mean that Sunday mornings are the best time for me to sit down and have a chat with you all. 
On Wednesday evening I visited the craft fayre at Walkers Nurseries which is just outside Bawtry, Near Doncaster.  It was extremely well attended.  The car-park was chocker block and the stalls were mostly excellent.  Unfortunately I am not yet a hardened blogger who takes her camera absolutely every where with her and therefore I have no photographs.  Sorry and I will try harder in future.
I did however buy one or two little goodies and will show you these instead:
Lolly Pop Socks

Wooden Angel Heart

Lovely Yarn
I didn't really buy a lot, did I?  The socks are a great idea for a little stocking filler, the wooden heart is for me.  I love angels and couldn't resist this. Ah and the yarn.  I can hear you shouting hang on a minute, don't you sell yarn.  Well yes I do and I can actually buy this brand which is even more insane, but I wanted the pattern and didn't want to have to buy a full pack of yarn to try it out.  I paid four times as much as I could have bought it for but I can make two scarfs one of which I can sell.  This will get some of my money back and then if I want to I can buy more yarn myself and sell it with the free pattern.  There was method in my madness, honest.
Moving on rapidly.  I am progressing nicely with my To Do List.  Items completed are:
2 hooded jackets
1 pair of pink/green bootees
1 pair of lemon bootees
Head band
1 pair of childrens socks
1 dog jacket
1 Christmas Santa hat (red)

Not bad for starters.  I also have a dolls blanket which was ordered a couple of weeks ago and have promised to sew up a baby grow too.  Me and my big mouth!

Bye for now, Paula x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Ashby Canal - Act 2

Snarestone Tunnel

A Family of Geese
I thought I'd show you a few more photographs taken whilst we were on the Ashby Canal.
The Snarestone Tunnel is almost at the end of the Ashby and does take a bit of nerve when you enter it for the first time.  You have to check that there isn't anyone coming in the opposite direction before you begin the long journey as only one boat can go through at any time.  I have taken the boat through myself just the once and it takes a while to get used to it but it was fine.  Steve on the other hand has done it loads of times.
There's a little hut just before the brand new bit of the canal where a man and his four dogs man a tiny shop.  The proceeds go towards the Ashby Canal Restoration Fund and so far they have been able to continue the canal by about another one hundred yards.  It looks great and once it grows into it's surroundings it will be even better.
Whilst on the boat I had lots of time to reflect and do lots of the things I like doing the most.  In particular knitting, sewing and things that I don't always have the time to do when I'm at home like trying brand new crafts.  Here are a couple things I did whilst away:

Napkin Decoupage Box

Napkin decoupage is one of my favourite pastimes but it is a bit fiddly and time consuming but really worth while as it produces such pretty results and no one would guess that the effect comes from a paper serviette.  Kirstie Allsop did something similar on her latest series but she made a paper seagull which she covered with Decopatch.  I use their glue sometimes or actual napkin glue which is better but not as glossy.  I will need to varnish the box to seal it and make it waterproof.
Bye Paula x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ashby Canal

Hello again.
Phew I've just had quite a scare.  I decided to try the new templates which are now on offer through Blogger and got my knickers in a twist.  It looked great but I couldn't get my head around how I could show which blogs I was following and all the other rinky dinks I have on here so after a slight panic attack I have reverted back to what I know.  So much for trying new things. If anyone else has a go I'd love to know what you think

This week we have been holidaying on the the Ashby Canal. We picked up our narrow boat which was called Ashby and set off on a winter break taking in the sites from on deck.
We love this style of holiday as it suites us to slow things right down and take it steady.
On the first day we moored up at the Bosworth Battlefield site which is so quiet, particularly at this time of year.  There are still lots of boats about but they are more or less bedded down for the winter.  We only passed a handful of cruising boats all week.
Ashby is quite an old boat and I suspect that it was one of the originals in the fleet.  We have been on several now with the Ashby Boat Company and this one definately felt a little tired.
The scenery is wonderful and although we are now familiar with the surroundings we still love every nook and cranny.
The weather was great too, with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures for the time of year.  It rained heavily during the night but yesterday was the only rain we experienced during the day and that lasted only a few minutes.
Well I'd better get off now. 
Tomorrow is market day and we're moving down on to Bridge Street.  I will be opposite Burtons on a stall by myself which means I will be able to walk all round it without having to walk a mile so that will be great.  I am ever so nervous though as it feels like I'm starting all over again.  I won't have the people round me that I know and that is rather daunting as I'm not a hardened market trader yet and it was nice to have people around me that were.
I'm going to print off some new price labels so that it all looks more professional and Steve says he'll stay with me tomorrow to give me a bit of moral support.  I'm sure it will be fine.  Wish me luck.  Best wishes Paula x