Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Craft Fair at Walkers Nursery

I seem to be settling in to a once a week visit to my blog and although I think about blogging more often and would love to do so time restrictions mean that Sunday mornings are the best time for me to sit down and have a chat with you all. 
On Wednesday evening I visited the craft fayre at Walkers Nurseries which is just outside Bawtry, Near Doncaster.  It was extremely well attended.  The car-park was chocker block and the stalls were mostly excellent.  Unfortunately I am not yet a hardened blogger who takes her camera absolutely every where with her and therefore I have no photographs.  Sorry and I will try harder in future.
I did however buy one or two little goodies and will show you these instead:
Lolly Pop Socks

Wooden Angel Heart

Lovely Yarn
I didn't really buy a lot, did I?  The socks are a great idea for a little stocking filler, the wooden heart is for me.  I love angels and couldn't resist this. Ah and the yarn.  I can hear you shouting hang on a minute, don't you sell yarn.  Well yes I do and I can actually buy this brand which is even more insane, but I wanted the pattern and didn't want to have to buy a full pack of yarn to try it out.  I paid four times as much as I could have bought it for but I can make two scarfs one of which I can sell.  This will get some of my money back and then if I want to I can buy more yarn myself and sell it with the free pattern.  There was method in my madness, honest.
Moving on rapidly.  I am progressing nicely with my To Do List.  Items completed are:
2 hooded jackets
1 pair of pink/green bootees
1 pair of lemon bootees
Head band
1 pair of childrens socks
1 dog jacket
1 Christmas Santa hat (red)

Not bad for starters.  I also have a dolls blanket which was ordered a couple of weeks ago and have promised to sew up a baby grow too.  Me and my big mouth!

Bye for now, Paula x

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