Thursday, 23 February 2012

Craft Hobby & Stitch International

I've been off this week with hubby and Monday was the Craft Hobby & Stitch International trade show.  This time last year my wool stall was merely a twinkle in my eye and I attended the show as a special favour.  However this time round I was able to go as a bona fide retailer and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
These are a couple of handmade sweaters featured in the fashion show.  You would never have guessed that they had been hand knitted.  It's all down to the finishing off.
I also took a few snaps of a new product from Blossom Sugar Art.
Cupcakes decorated with marzipan flowers

Blossom Sugar Art Flowers

Wedding cake with flowers
This was an amazing little silicon press mould.  Firstly you roll and cut a flower shape with the cutter.  This is placed in the mould with a little circle for the centre on the other side.  The mould is then closed and when opened up there inside is a perfectly formed flower.  The demonstrator used marzipan but you can use ready made fondant icing.  There are six moulds to choose from including a butterfly.  I will definitely be ordering these.  I know they are a bit of a deviation from knitting but I think they might just be something a bit different for people who like crafting but not necessarily needlecraft.  You have to speculate to accumulate you know.  They retail at £9.99 for a bag with one mould, one cutter and the instructions or £14.95 for the mould, cutter, instructions and a pot of edible shimmer and a paint brush.  As you have guessed I love them.

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  1. Those moulds are simply amazing. The really easy way to make realistic flowers! Well worth the money. xx