Thursday, 1 March 2012

Finishing Off

At long last I have finished everything on my long list from before Christmas.  I have a tiny bit of sewing on a cream cardigan and the buttons to sew on and that is it.  Thank Goodness.  I can now concentrate on making myself a lovely pale lime green cotton jumper from the latest Knitter magazine and I can't wait.
This little set is a mixture from 3 different magazine patterns all knitted in Cygnet Kaleidoscope.  The colour is Dolly Mixture and it one of my best sellers.
I started my violin lessons last week and though I say it myself I am quite good.  I am learning a folk jig at the moment and am actually getting a tune out of my instrument which at this stage is amazing.  There are a few funny squeaks but the neighbours are still talking to me so it can't be that bad.
My Knit and Natter group is thriving.  There were 11 counting me with holidays and sickness accounting for missing members so that's really great.  Every one is enjoying it and we're having a lot of fun.
Well it's time to get ready for work.  As always thank you for visiting and bye for now.

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