Monday, 12 March 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

At last I'm back.  I've had one of my headaches this week starting Tuesday night and finishing Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately that then gave way to one almighty head cold so I am not feeling all that great today.  Never mind though the show must go on even if I am feeling very sorry for myself.
There was no work for me Thursday or Friday as I was too poorly and the stall proved harder than usual.  We had a narrow boat booked for yesterday as a present to our Mums and Nanna for Mothers Day and this also got cancelled as the possibility of giving them what I have at their advancing years would have been irresponsible to say the least.  So yesterday passed slowly with hubby mooching around looking like an accident waiting to happen.
I'm back at work today feeling worse than I did last week but due to the level of work at this our busiest time I will return like the good little soldier ready to face the criticism that no doubt I will receive when everyone in the office is sneezing and blaming me for passing on my germs.  As you will notice I am not my cheerful self today.

Anyway before I have you crying in to your cornflakes here are a few Spring flowers to cheer us all up.  I took these in my garden.  As you know I love Spring flowers best of all and these are wonderful.  The colours just ring out don't they?
This week will be a busy one with Knitting Club tonight, Violin lessons tomorrow night, Mothers Union Wednesday and Quilting Thursday.
Keep Calm and Carry On - I have every sympathy with the person who came up with that well used saying.
Thanks for dropping by.  I promise to be in better humour next time.

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  1. What camera have you got? The pics look fab :-)
    P.S. have you been drinking enough water to overcome the headache? Water cures everything!