Friday, 4 March 2016

It can't be that long ago!

For ages I have kept thinking that I must get back in touch with you all, that is if anyone is still bothering to drop by.  I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.  When I finally opened up my blog I was absolutely flabbergasted at how long it had been.  The last thing I wrote was Happy New Year for goodness sake!
I haven't been lazy though in the time I have been away and have managed to complete lots of crafty things including some lovely Mother's Day cards which I can't show you just in case a sneaky Mum pops by.
This wavy blanket is an ongoing project which is much further forward now.  I will reveal more shortly.

I love this shawl which eventually was given to my friend Susan for her birthday.  It was supposed to be for me but she loved it so much and found the pattern a little too taxing to do for herself, so off it went to her and she was very pleased.
My son gave me a gorgeous set of Faber Castell pastels for Christmas and this was an angel picture I drew.  There is a little bit of watercolour in there too. I have this on my wall in the shop and quite a few people have admired it.
I also discovered a brand new craft of making baskets using newspaper. Hubby made me one for Christmas and put my favourite sweets in it.  I was so amazed that he had done something that brilliant and insisted that he showed me how it was done.  We spent a lovely afternoon getting to grips with the tricky weaving process but I thing the finished result is brilliant.  I have since painted the basket white with some acrylic paint and it looks very professional.
Well there you have it.  I have a few more things to show you but they will have to wait as I don't have the right cable to get the other photos off my phone.  I am at home today having decided not to go to the shop following a heavy down pour of snow this morning.  The unfortunate thing is that it seems to have stopped now and looks likely to disappear. Also I have been told that Worksop didn't get snow today so that makes things even worse.  I haven't been a hundred per cent this last couple of weeks so was hoping to recuperate today but now feel rather guilty!