Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Round Up

Well here we are again.  This year has flown by. I can't believe it is a week since Christmas Eve.  Where does the time go?
I am feeling all reflective today.  Is that the correct word as it sounds like I am wearing mirrors or something which I'm not of course.  I am looking back on the year that has just gone and have been reflecting of what I have and haven't achieved.  We all make resolutions and most of us fail to even try to stick to them let alone actually do what we promise ourselves we will do.  My resolutions are usually pretty standard.  Do more of this thing, do less of that, eat less, exercise more blah blah blah.  Well on the whole I haven't done any of them! Oh I did join the gym and I have lost weight, I have also gained it again so that perhaps doesn't count.
I will however make my list of new year resolutions again today and this time I am going to go easy on myself and make a more general list.  Maybe "try to eat healthy meals" would be a better resolution.  "Go to the gym twice a week" would be achievable, "blog once a week", "concentrate on one or two projects at a time", I think I could stick to those kind of resolutions and instead of trying to be a saint all the time just be a bit of a saint when time allows and stop worrying when things go wrong maybe.
I did manage to get all my Christmas presents finished on time though which was a major achievement and something I was definitely proud of achieving.
This was a scarf I made on behalf of my Mum for one of my aunties.  It was out of a Louisa Harding book.
A hot water bottle cover made for my friends little girl.  The pattern is Wendy 5849.  I omitted the pocket and made the back the front so the buttons showed.  It is knitted in James C Brett Party Time chunky yarn.
Socks for my friends husband.  These are knitted on two needles in aran and are so easy.  I made some chunky ones recently and am a convert to two needle patterns, they grow quick too.  This one is Sirdar 7181 and I used Cygnet aran wool. 
A scarf for another friend.  This was a pattern recommended to my and can be found on Ravelry.  It is called a Multi Directional Scarf by Karen Baumer and can be downloaded for free.  The pattern is very easy and looks really effective when knitted in variegated wool.  Mine is done in James C Brett Marble double knit.  I actually made four scarves and in total.  I very rarely repeat patterns so you can imagine that I enjoyed making these a lot.

I made Steve's Nanna this scarf and hat which I hope she liked.  I don't usually get any feedback and I will probably never know.  I made her a gorgeous applique bag last year and for all I know she could have put it in the bin.

 The hat pattern is from The Bumper Book of Accessories by Sirdar number 460.  I also did a hat in little squares out of the same book but unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph.  Silly me.

The wool I used for this was another James C Brett one called Woodlander and contains 20 per cent wool.  The scarf only took one ball which makes it excellent value.
Finally I made this lovely chunky hat.  I actually had this for sale in the shop and my Mum bought it for Steph my sons partner.
So as you can see I was extremely busy during the Christmas build up.  I enjoyed actually finishing things which is something of a novelty for me.  I realised that I prefer making small things better than the usual cardigans and blankets I am known for so maybe that should be a resolution too, to make smaller projects in the coming year.
Who knows what we will all have achieved one year from now and on that note all that is left to say is

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Happy Christmas and New Year to you all

Wow it's here again.  Hasn't this year flown by?
I hope you are all up to date and ready to start the festivities.  For once I am and I'm very proud of myself.
I think it has helped to be in the shop as I can at least get the cards written and the presents wrapped and even pop in to the town centre every so often to pick up supplies etc. 
I've really enjoyed the build up this year and have actually felt quite Christmassy which is something of a novelty as everyone around me has been saying it hasn't felt like Christmas to them.  I think the mild weather hasn't helped although there is definitely a nip in the air today.
The shop was really busy last week but the past couple of days have been so quiet although I have been able to finish off a few last minute Christmas presents.  I will reveal these later this week as you never know, someone might be peaking.
Anyhow without further ado I will wish you all a very happy and merry Christmas and a fabulous and prosperous New Year xx