Saturday, 27 August 2011

Short Break

Hi there,
Well it's here.  Today is my 50th Birthday. Ouch I don't like the sound of it I'm afraid.  I know it's just a number but it is quite a big one.
Steve and I went out with my son Joe and Heather his partner for a meal in Sheffield last night.  It was lovely but I rather over did it and feel slightly fragile this morning.  Never mind it isn't my birthday every day.
Today we set off for a holiday in Norfolk.  Whilst we're away my brother will be here fitting our new bathroom and next week I will let you see the before and after pictures.
Anyway I better finish getting ready but thought I had better let you know that I won't be posting for the next week.  Bye for now and thank you for dropping by.
Paula x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Shoes

Hi there
How do you like these beauties?
I bought them last night and I think they are rather sweet.  Perhaps nothing exciting in terms of brand, not designer or anything but still lovely.  I have always liked classic court shoes.  They really show off an outfit.
Anyway I just thought I'd share them with you.
At the moment whilst writing this I am sat with a plastic streaking cap on my head.  My glasses are wedged  inside it and are pressing on the bridge of my nose sending painful waves through my eyes.  Do you see what lengths I will go through to talk to you. 
This is not some kind of torture treatment.  I had my hair cut last night and am now having the blond put back in.  I do this myself and I better go and rinse off the peroxide before my hair turns to chewing gum.
Speak soon Paula x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Crocodile Shoes

Hi and thank you for dropping by.
I thought that you might like to see these little boots I have been working on.
Crocodile Booties
I fell in love with the pattern when I recently bought the Woman's Weekly craft magazine.  It usually comes out about every three months and usually has some really good knitting and crochet patterns in it. 
There is also one for a plain version and one for the girls which look like strawberries.  They're all so cute.
They were really easy to make.  The eyes were the worst bit as trying to get each one to sit exactly like the other was pretty tricky. By the next pair I might have got the hang of it.
I'm going out tonight.  I have been invited to my friend Janet for tea.  Afterwards we're going to have a crochet class.  I'm not sure if it will just be the two of us or if Joan will be there too. 
They both want to improve their crocheting skills for I volunteered to give them a few pointers.  I'm not that great myself but I think I'm a bit further on so hopefully I can help.
Well it's time to rise and shine.  I am sat in bed at the moment sipping coffee.  It's a great life.
This week is going to be very busy as I am preparing for our holiday.  Last night Louise the beautician came and did my eyebrows and other facial bits that we won't go into.  Tomorrow night is my hair appointment with a last minute visit to Matalan to pick up cheap t-shirts and anything else that takes my fancy.  Thursday evening is my nails appointment with Louise followed by baking.  We always take cakes to work when it is our Birthday.  Finally Friday is Pizza Express with Steve, Joe and Heather.  In between I have to get the holiday clothes ready and work full time.  It's all my own fault.  I always make the mistake of arranging everything in the last week before we go away and then end up being all frazzled and flustered when things don't go to schedule.  Call it a 'Woman Thing'.
Well I really must go.  Speak soon. Paula x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Great Day Out

Hello again.
Hasn't it been a beautiful day?  Lovely sunshine.
Today I took my Mum and son Joe out for lunch to a little gem in Braithwell called the Garden Room.  It is a great little restaurant with the most gorgeous garden with tables and chairs situated in their own little hedged areas which makes each table feel very private.
Unfortunately due to the great number of wasps which I absolutely hate we did have to sit inside today but even so it was extremely pleasant.
Mum and I had big steak, mushroom and onion sandwiches made with crusty bread and Joe had a fruit scone with jam and fresh cream. 
We then had a look around the shop which stocks lots of knick knacks including plaques, hearts and lots and lots of gifts that I would give anything to own.  Unfortunately I thought I had better resist for the time being as I'm not sure what surprises Steve may have in store for me for my Birthday so I will just have to wait a little longer.
Above is a tasty morsel that my daughter-in-law Heather (Miss Cakeaholic) rustled up for us today.  It is a Malt flavoured cupcake and this was the last one.  The flavour was incredible and I can't wait until we meet up next Friday as I have been promised a batch of a surprise flavour as part of my birthday present. 
Well it's bed time now.  Don't the days fly by.
Speak soon and thank you for visiting my blog.  Paula x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Technology

Hello again.  Sorry I haven't been with you for a while but as you have probably guessed I did order a new laptop and it has now arrived.  I have just got everything set up including wireless broadband and oh my word it is extraordinary.
I cannot believe how slick it all is.  My laptop is beautiful and I have a shiny new super hub providing me with 30 mb's of broadband capability.  Oh wow.
I'm not really in to technology because I always feel a little intimidated by it but as you know I have been having major problems with my old laptop so when Steve suggested that he would buy me a new one for my birthday, I snapped his hand off.
It's not my birthday until the 27th August but I'm lucky enough to be allowed to use it now rather than wait until next week.  Anyway I'm going to go for now as my favourite programme has just started.  It's called Back at Sea with Timothy Spall and his wife.  I love it.
Bye for now. Regards Paula x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bunny Shoes

Hello and please accept my apologies for not blogging sooner.  It has been one of those weeks where with all the good intentions in the world I just haven't had the chance to settle down.  As you all know I am having trouble with my laptop.  It is a very old lady in computer years and has virtually ground to a halt.  However fret not as I will (all being well) be ordering a new one straight after I have signed off.  Oh how exciting.
I rang Virgin last night to ask them to send me a hub so that I will be able to use my new laptop wirelessly and they want to charge me £60.00.  I worked out that they have had about £5000 off me over the last twelve or more years and I think I deserve a freee hub, don't you.  I would get one if I went to BT or Sky.  Anyway I am going to give them a ring and see how they would feel if I switched by package to another provider.  It's worth a try I am told.
The above little baby bunny shoes were knitted by a lovely lady who visited my stall recently.  She was knitting them for the Help The Heroes charity and I couldn't resist them.  Unfortunately I let her go without asking her to bring me some more and I haven't seen her again.  I do hope she drops by soon as everyone I show them to wants a pair for their own little ones.
Well I'm off computer shopping and I won't even need to leave my seat.  Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?
Wish me luck, Paula x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

An Old Favourite

Hello and thank you for dropping by.
You all know by now how much I love crafting magazines but I have to say I am trying to be a bit more selective.
With this in mind I popped in to W H Smith and had a good mooch through the different magazines they had and low and behold I stumbled on Stitch.  Now as far as I am aware this is a long established magazine that has been going since before the crafting industry became mega popular again, so I thought I'd give it a chance.  I remember picking up a whole bundle of these at a local coffee morning a couple of years ago for about 10p each and thinking then what a great find they had been.  They were very old and as I had never come across Stitch in the newsagents I assumed it had either gone out of print or was something you subscribed to.  Anyhow let me show you what I discovered in this months edition.

Isn't this a gorgeous make-up bag.  It's all hand stitched but only in back stitch so although it looks complicated it isn't.  I would love to make this for my holidays.

This is a plain cotton top which has had a Stitch revamp.  You could do this on so many things such as
t-shirts or skirts, even a denim jacket.

I think this might be slightly more complicated as all the petals and leaves are organza which is layered and appliqued on to the background.  I still fancy having ago though as I think it is simply beautiful.
And finally

I fell in love with this little cushion immediately.  It is sewn using the most simple back stitch and I am enjoying this so very much.  I intend making mine in to a lavender bag as I have been given an order by a friend who wants a heart in red.  I usually make them in felt but thought that this would look lovely.  Obviously you will be the first to know if/when it is finished.
So there you have it.  I can't recommend this magazine enough.
Have a lovely weekend. Paula x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Horrible Bosses

Hello again and no I'm not talking about my boss but the film called Horrible Bosses starring Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey to name two.  Steve and I went to see it last night.
The cast is star studded but what I found amazing was that the three main characters are people I have never seen before.  Now that could just be me as I'm not known for my movie going.  Anyway, once I had gotten past all the bad language and sexual connotations I really enjoyed this film.  It was hilariously funny, laugh out loud funny in fact and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is not easily offended.
Oh yes I promised you pictures of my latest stitched card and here it is. The instructions are in my previous blog.
I am very pleased with it and hope my Brother and Sister-in-Law like it too.  I have half finished a butterfly one and have started another one of the ladies dress to give to my other Sister-in-Law.  It is my Nephew's birthday in a couple of weeks and I have a nice little soldier cross stitch card to make for him if I can get a move on.  If not it will have to be a shop bought one instead.
I can't keep up with all my crafting projects at the moment.  I am frantically trying to get a few baby cardigans done both for my stall and for my Great Niece who will be born next month.
Well less of the chat and more action.  Steve is due back from his bike ride any minute and will be wanting his evening meal.  We seem to eat later and later these days.  I know it's not good for us but what can we do?
Bye and speak soon, Paula x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Losing Weight (Or Not)

Hi there,
Today was my weigh in.  Steve and I decided a few weeks ago to try and lose a few pounds.  Since then my body or is it my brain has decided that it will do everything in its power to make sure that I don't lose an ounce.  I try and try but just when I seem to be getting the hang of it all I go mad and eat ice cream with double chocolate and raspberry sauce or a dozen bread sticks with onion and chive dip.  I just can't help sabotaging my efforts.
Unfortunately there is no excuse.  In a previous life I was a Weight Watchers leader, so I know all there is to know about losing weight and I have heard every excuse in the book as to why a person can't lose weight.
The secret is to eat less and exercise more.  Easy isn't it?  Yeh right.
Steve says I have the rest of my life to get the eating healthy thing right as apparently we're going to be doing this for the rest of our lives.  Oh my God I hope not.

Moving on.  I thought I'd show you a step by step for the last embroidered card I made so here goes.
Firstly you need the special stitch design peel offs.  I bought mine from the Retford Craft Shop but I'm sure you will be able to get them on line. They cost about a £1.00 per strip and each strip has enough stickers on it to make at least two cards.
Choose your design, remove it from the sheet and stick it on to your chosen background.  I find thin coloured card works best and is easy to work with.
Next with the point of your sewing needle pierce holes through the front of the design through to the back of the card.  Your design already has tiny little dots which form the pattern so you follows the dots just like in a children's dot to dot book but there are no numbers. If you look carefully on this picture you can see the fine dots.

This is the reverse of the design. 
Now the fun begins as you start to follow the dots.  Most of it is done in back stitch which is very easy. Sometimes you can join the dots to make fan shapes and stars but I can assure you it is not rocket science.  It all becomes second nature once you have the thing in front of you.
 Well I think that's enough for this morning.  I will post the final instalment tomorrow.
I hope some of you have ago with this.  I am completely hooked and have just started another ladies dress design.  The project is very portable and fairly quick to complete and is a little bit different from the normal handmade cards around.
Good Luck and best wishes Paula x