Sunday, 7 August 2011

An Old Favourite

Hello and thank you for dropping by.
You all know by now how much I love crafting magazines but I have to say I am trying to be a bit more selective.
With this in mind I popped in to W H Smith and had a good mooch through the different magazines they had and low and behold I stumbled on Stitch.  Now as far as I am aware this is a long established magazine that has been going since before the crafting industry became mega popular again, so I thought I'd give it a chance.  I remember picking up a whole bundle of these at a local coffee morning a couple of years ago for about 10p each and thinking then what a great find they had been.  They were very old and as I had never come across Stitch in the newsagents I assumed it had either gone out of print or was something you subscribed to.  Anyhow let me show you what I discovered in this months edition.

Isn't this a gorgeous make-up bag.  It's all hand stitched but only in back stitch so although it looks complicated it isn't.  I would love to make this for my holidays.

This is a plain cotton top which has had a Stitch revamp.  You could do this on so many things such as
t-shirts or skirts, even a denim jacket.

I think this might be slightly more complicated as all the petals and leaves are organza which is layered and appliqued on to the background.  I still fancy having ago though as I think it is simply beautiful.
And finally

I fell in love with this little cushion immediately.  It is sewn using the most simple back stitch and I am enjoying this so very much.  I intend making mine in to a lavender bag as I have been given an order by a friend who wants a heart in red.  I usually make them in felt but thought that this would look lovely.  Obviously you will be the first to know if/when it is finished.
So there you have it.  I can't recommend this magazine enough.
Have a lovely weekend. Paula x


  1. I'd rather fallen out of love with stitching magazines until you showed this. I really like everything you've shown from the magazine and am off to their website to see if I can get me a copy!


  2. PS - Ordered and paid for!
    My son will bring it out with him next month.