Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Technology

Hello again.  Sorry I haven't been with you for a while but as you have probably guessed I did order a new laptop and it has now arrived.  I have just got everything set up including wireless broadband and oh my word it is extraordinary.
I cannot believe how slick it all is.  My laptop is beautiful and I have a shiny new super hub providing me with 30 mb's of broadband capability.  Oh wow.
I'm not really in to technology because I always feel a little intimidated by it but as you know I have been having major problems with my old laptop so when Steve suggested that he would buy me a new one for my birthday, I snapped his hand off.
It's not my birthday until the 27th August but I'm lucky enough to be allowed to use it now rather than wait until next week.  Anyway I'm going to go for now as my favourite programme has just started.  It's called Back at Sea with Timothy Spall and his wife.  I love it.
Bye for now. Regards Paula x

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