Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bunny Shoes

Hello and please accept my apologies for not blogging sooner.  It has been one of those weeks where with all the good intentions in the world I just haven't had the chance to settle down.  As you all know I am having trouble with my laptop.  It is a very old lady in computer years and has virtually ground to a halt.  However fret not as I will (all being well) be ordering a new one straight after I have signed off.  Oh how exciting.
I rang Virgin last night to ask them to send me a hub so that I will be able to use my new laptop wirelessly and they want to charge me £60.00.  I worked out that they have had about £5000 off me over the last twelve or more years and I think I deserve a freee hub, don't you.  I would get one if I went to BT or Sky.  Anyway I am going to give them a ring and see how they would feel if I switched by package to another provider.  It's worth a try I am told.
The above little baby bunny shoes were knitted by a lovely lady who visited my stall recently.  She was knitting them for the Help The Heroes charity and I couldn't resist them.  Unfortunately I let her go without asking her to bring me some more and I haven't seen her again.  I do hope she drops by soon as everyone I show them to wants a pair for their own little ones.
Well I'm off computer shopping and I won't even need to leave my seat.  Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?
Wish me luck, Paula x

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