Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Crocodile Shoes

Hi and thank you for dropping by.
I thought that you might like to see these little boots I have been working on.
Crocodile Booties
I fell in love with the pattern when I recently bought the Woman's Weekly craft magazine.  It usually comes out about every three months and usually has some really good knitting and crochet patterns in it. 
There is also one for a plain version and one for the girls which look like strawberries.  They're all so cute.
They were really easy to make.  The eyes were the worst bit as trying to get each one to sit exactly like the other was pretty tricky. By the next pair I might have got the hang of it.
I'm going out tonight.  I have been invited to my friend Janet for tea.  Afterwards we're going to have a crochet class.  I'm not sure if it will just be the two of us or if Joan will be there too. 
They both want to improve their crocheting skills for I volunteered to give them a few pointers.  I'm not that great myself but I think I'm a bit further on so hopefully I can help.
Well it's time to rise and shine.  I am sat in bed at the moment sipping coffee.  It's a great life.
This week is going to be very busy as I am preparing for our holiday.  Last night Louise the beautician came and did my eyebrows and other facial bits that we won't go into.  Tomorrow night is my hair appointment with a last minute visit to Matalan to pick up cheap t-shirts and anything else that takes my fancy.  Thursday evening is my nails appointment with Louise followed by baking.  We always take cakes to work when it is our Birthday.  Finally Friday is Pizza Express with Steve, Joe and Heather.  In between I have to get the holiday clothes ready and work full time.  It's all my own fault.  I always make the mistake of arranging everything in the last week before we go away and then end up being all frazzled and flustered when things don't go to schedule.  Call it a 'Woman Thing'.
Well I really must go.  Speak soon. Paula x

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