Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Horrible Bosses

Hello again and no I'm not talking about my boss but the film called Horrible Bosses starring Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey to name two.  Steve and I went to see it last night.
The cast is star studded but what I found amazing was that the three main characters are people I have never seen before.  Now that could just be me as I'm not known for my movie going.  Anyway, once I had gotten past all the bad language and sexual connotations I really enjoyed this film.  It was hilariously funny, laugh out loud funny in fact and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is not easily offended.
Oh yes I promised you pictures of my latest stitched card and here it is. The instructions are in my previous blog.
I am very pleased with it and hope my Brother and Sister-in-Law like it too.  I have half finished a butterfly one and have started another one of the ladies dress to give to my other Sister-in-Law.  It is my Nephew's birthday in a couple of weeks and I have a nice little soldier cross stitch card to make for him if I can get a move on.  If not it will have to be a shop bought one instead.
I can't keep up with all my crafting projects at the moment.  I am frantically trying to get a few baby cardigans done both for my stall and for my Great Niece who will be born next month.
Well less of the chat and more action.  Steve is due back from his bike ride any minute and will be wanting his evening meal.  We seem to eat later and later these days.  I know it's not good for us but what can we do?
Bye and speak soon, Paula x

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