Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Suffragette Film

I decided some time ago that working six days a week was far too much for any sane person however dedicated and passionate said person may be and as a result Tuesdays is my official day off ( I also have Sunday too!)
Tuesday has become the day I try to do absolutely nothing and allow myself a long lie in and stay in bed as long as I can, watching DVDs, knitting, drinking hot chocolate and eating anything comforting.  Today it was chips in chicken soup with homemade brown bread and butter. Outrageous I hear you cry, but until you try it don't knock it..
The film of choice today was Suffragette starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Brendan Gleeson, Anne-Marie Duff and a fleeting glimpse of Meryl Streep.

The film was excellent and extremely gripping and gave a compelling view of how women won the vote.  It gave an incite in to the harrowing treatment of women in the early 1900's and made me very grateful that things have been made a damn sight better because of the suffering of these ladies.
I really enjoyed the film although I was told that it was a little disappointing.  That in mind I wasn't expecting great things.
I would highly recommend it.

Friday, 4 March 2016

It can't be that long ago!

For ages I have kept thinking that I must get back in touch with you all, that is if anyone is still bothering to drop by.  I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.  When I finally opened up my blog I was absolutely flabbergasted at how long it had been.  The last thing I wrote was Happy New Year for goodness sake!
I haven't been lazy though in the time I have been away and have managed to complete lots of crafty things including some lovely Mother's Day cards which I can't show you just in case a sneaky Mum pops by.
This wavy blanket is an ongoing project which is much further forward now.  I will reveal more shortly.

I love this shawl which eventually was given to my friend Susan for her birthday.  It was supposed to be for me but she loved it so much and found the pattern a little too taxing to do for herself, so off it went to her and she was very pleased.
My son gave me a gorgeous set of Faber Castell pastels for Christmas and this was an angel picture I drew.  There is a little bit of watercolour in there too. I have this on my wall in the shop and quite a few people have admired it.
I also discovered a brand new craft of making baskets using newspaper. Hubby made me one for Christmas and put my favourite sweets in it.  I was so amazed that he had done something that brilliant and insisted that he showed me how it was done.  We spent a lovely afternoon getting to grips with the tricky weaving process but I thing the finished result is brilliant.  I have since painted the basket white with some acrylic paint and it looks very professional.
Well there you have it.  I have a few more things to show you but they will have to wait as I don't have the right cable to get the other photos off my phone.  I am at home today having decided not to go to the shop following a heavy down pour of snow this morning.  The unfortunate thing is that it seems to have stopped now and looks likely to disappear. Also I have been told that Worksop didn't get snow today so that makes things even worse.  I haven't been a hundred per cent this last couple of weeks so was hoping to recuperate today but now feel rather guilty!

Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Round Up

Well here we are again.  This year has flown by. I can't believe it is a week since Christmas Eve.  Where does the time go?
I am feeling all reflective today.  Is that the correct word as it sounds like I am wearing mirrors or something which I'm not of course.  I am looking back on the year that has just gone and have been reflecting of what I have and haven't achieved.  We all make resolutions and most of us fail to even try to stick to them let alone actually do what we promise ourselves we will do.  My resolutions are usually pretty standard.  Do more of this thing, do less of that, eat less, exercise more blah blah blah.  Well on the whole I haven't done any of them! Oh I did join the gym and I have lost weight, I have also gained it again so that perhaps doesn't count.
I will however make my list of new year resolutions again today and this time I am going to go easy on myself and make a more general list.  Maybe "try to eat healthy meals" would be a better resolution.  "Go to the gym twice a week" would be achievable, "blog once a week", "concentrate on one or two projects at a time", I think I could stick to those kind of resolutions and instead of trying to be a saint all the time just be a bit of a saint when time allows and stop worrying when things go wrong maybe.
I did manage to get all my Christmas presents finished on time though which was a major achievement and something I was definitely proud of achieving.
This was a scarf I made on behalf of my Mum for one of my aunties.  It was out of a Louisa Harding book.
A hot water bottle cover made for my friends little girl.  The pattern is Wendy 5849.  I omitted the pocket and made the back the front so the buttons showed.  It is knitted in James C Brett Party Time chunky yarn.
Socks for my friends husband.  These are knitted on two needles in aran and are so easy.  I made some chunky ones recently and am a convert to two needle patterns, they grow quick too.  This one is Sirdar 7181 and I used Cygnet aran wool. 
A scarf for another friend.  This was a pattern recommended to my and can be found on Ravelry.  It is called a Multi Directional Scarf by Karen Baumer and can be downloaded for free.  The pattern is very easy and looks really effective when knitted in variegated wool.  Mine is done in James C Brett Marble double knit.  I actually made four scarves and in total.  I very rarely repeat patterns so you can imagine that I enjoyed making these a lot.

I made Steve's Nanna this scarf and hat which I hope she liked.  I don't usually get any feedback and I will probably never know.  I made her a gorgeous applique bag last year and for all I know she could have put it in the bin.

 The hat pattern is from The Bumper Book of Accessories by Sirdar number 460.  I also did a hat in little squares out of the same book but unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph.  Silly me.

The wool I used for this was another James C Brett one called Woodlander and contains 20 per cent wool.  The scarf only took one ball which makes it excellent value.
Finally I made this lovely chunky hat.  I actually had this for sale in the shop and my Mum bought it for Steph my sons partner.
So as you can see I was extremely busy during the Christmas build up.  I enjoyed actually finishing things which is something of a novelty for me.  I realised that I prefer making small things better than the usual cardigans and blankets I am known for so maybe that should be a resolution too, to make smaller projects in the coming year.
Who knows what we will all have achieved one year from now and on that note all that is left to say is

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Happy Christmas and New Year to you all

Wow it's here again.  Hasn't this year flown by?
I hope you are all up to date and ready to start the festivities.  For once I am and I'm very proud of myself.
I think it has helped to be in the shop as I can at least get the cards written and the presents wrapped and even pop in to the town centre every so often to pick up supplies etc. 
I've really enjoyed the build up this year and have actually felt quite Christmassy which is something of a novelty as everyone around me has been saying it hasn't felt like Christmas to them.  I think the mild weather hasn't helped although there is definitely a nip in the air today.
The shop was really busy last week but the past couple of days have been so quiet although I have been able to finish off a few last minute Christmas presents.  I will reveal these later this week as you never know, someone might be peaking.
Anyhow without further ado I will wish you all a very happy and merry Christmas and a fabulous and prosperous New Year xx

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Special Sunday

Sundays are my favourite day of the week primarily because it is the only full day off I get and so I try to treat it with the reverence it deserves.
Hubby has every other Sunday off work which makes it even more special.
Today we decided to have breakfast at Morrisons which is our local supermarket and although this doesn't exactly fit in with my self improvement regime it does improve my quality of life so in a way I think it does help me move forward even if it is in a rather fattening self indulgent way.
We did however decide to go for a good walk in Potteric Carr which is part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.
I would love to paint this scene but wouldn't know where to begin
This is a beautiful part of our local countryside and a place where I feel most at home at the moment.  The weather was blustery and threatened rain on more than one occasion but it held out long enough for us to grab a good breath of fresh air.
I have decided that as part of my getting better promise I will also share a few more personal photographs of myself with my readers.
I love my winter coat and my handmade crocheted Road Trip Scarf
I absolutely hate my own photographs and struggle to get used to how I look at the moment.  I still imagine that I look like I did in my late twenties and it never fails to surprise me that I don't look young and slim anymore. It is my resolution to get used to the way I look and in time actually like myself again.
A very cold looking sky although it was unusually mild for the time of year

Monday, 9 November 2015

Just when you think everythings going your way!

It was too good to be true.  I had a great day yesterday, very relaxing, really smashing. Unfortunately my Mum was taken in to hospital last night and oh dear everything grinds to a nasty halt.  The doctors thought is was a stroke as she lost a lot of the use in her arms but it turns out to be a nasty chest infection.  I spoke to her last night before bedtime and apart from being tired she seems to be OK.  Thank goodness.  She is 92 years old and these scares really knock you for six.
Well it didn't put me off being good and I managed to prepare a really nice dinner of pork and vegetables.
The carrots and beetroot were harvested from our own garden and so the flavours were beautifully intense.
Mmm I'm feeling quite peckish just looking at those pictures.
Today started well with a good breakfast of porridge, Greek yogurt, honey and sliced banana with nuts and seeds for my snack.

I joined a gym back in June and surprisingly I have kept up my exercise routine although I missed last week due to feeling under the weather.  I managed to do a good workout today and am currently on 7,258 steps on my Mi Fit band. Obviously my goal is to reach 10,000 today and by the time I've rushed round later I should have achieved that without too much trouble.
Oh the above picture has just reminded me that I never showed you my completed Harmony blanket.

I started this back in August and it took about two months of solid work to finish it.  The pattern is over at Attic 24 and I enjoyed every minute of the making process.  I used exactly the same wool and colours that Lucy recommended and it turned out perfect.

At the moment it is on the sofa in the shop but will eventually have pride of place on our bed at home.
 Right well I better shoot off and get some lunch and I'll check in with you all very soon.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Give it a year - 365 days to a new me

For some time now I have been feeling less than great and it is not unusual to see me popping a couple of pain killers into my mouth before I have even surfaced from my bedroom.
I put this down to a number of factors namely
  • Working a six day week - leaving the house at five to seven in the morning and returning at six forty five in the evening.
  • Drinking far too much alcohol when I finally return home in an attempt to 'make the most of my evenings'.
  • Eating a diet made up of carbs, fat and sugar with red meat thrown in for good measure!
  • Very little fresh air.
There are other things too but I'm sure you've got the picture by now so I won't go on.

Anyway I have decided that I have to do something positive to try and bring some balance to my life before I lose the will to live altogether and to do this I am going to give myself a year (yes - it will take that long) to turn things around.
I intend to change everything in my life that isn't perfect and that includes my health, home life, life style, image, attitude, body, the success of my business -  you name it, I'm changing it - for the better I hope.

I'm sick of feeling rubbish and doing exactly the same thing everyday hoping that things will change - that's the definition of madness by the way.

I hope that you all get behind me during my time of transformation and I am determined to make you proud of me.
This is to show you how I look today - not a great picture but the best I have
I feel that I have got my mojo back and think that sharing with my readers will motivate me to get my finger out and actually put by intentions in to full swing.
Well first things first.  I've had a lovely soak in the bath and I painted my finger nails a lovely shade of pale grey.  This made me feel alot better.  Usually I just slap a colour on but for my first day at becoming better I soaked my nails before pushing back the cuticles and painting on a base coat.  Then came two coats of nail varnish.  I did forget to but a top coat on but Rome wasn't built in a day so cut me some slack here.
I also added a peach coloured toner to my hair just to give it a bit of a lift as I do feel that my bleached blond hair could do with toning down a little but my hair just went orange which isn't a good look for me.  Fortunately this was a wash in wash out kind so although I have a little tinge of the jaffa going on it isn't unbearable.  Note to self - do not buy coloured toners from the £1 shop even if they were by L'oreal.  They were in the £1 shop for a reason!

Lunch today consisted of cream crackers and cheese and although not as healthy as I would have wished I didn't want to go shopping on my day off - will try harder tomorrow - I promise.
I Absolutely adore olives and they are good for you as long as you don't eat too many.
Todays goals are:
  • To eat a nutricious dinner with plenty of vegetables
  • Drink some water
  • Relax
  • Get an outfit ready for tomorrow which is simple and stylish.
Have a great day and if you have any advice please leave a comment.