Monday, 9 April 2012


Where do I begin.  We've had such a busy week.  Stratford, Wedding Anniversary, 21st Birthday Party and last night a massive Diversity show. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Diversity.  The rest can wait.
The pictures do not do the show justice.  It was amazing.  The crowd were electric, screaming, cheering, clapping. The noise was deafening.
Ashley making shapes
This was a creepy crawly which moved with the music.
The group started in Perri's home where Diversity were playing a new computer game.  Somehow they got sucked in to it and then had to get through different levels of the game, fighting baddies along the way, in order to escape.
These outfits lit up.
Poor Ashley. His suit had a power cut.
Ashley Banjo
Fortunately this was sorted before he flew off the stage.  Look at that bone structure!!
The special effects were out of this world.
Michael Jackson Tribute
And finally all back after completing the game - Phew!
The End
I have never seen anything like it.  We were sat on the edge of our seats.  The atmosphere was fantastic.
My ears are still ringing. 
Thanks Diversity for a great night.


  1. I nearly booked to see this for me and my daughter - then I forgot! It looks as if it was amazing! xxx

  2. Wicked. How long did the show last? Xx

  3. Its been a long while since I went to an event where I am on the edge of my seat. Sounds like a fantastic night.