Sunday, 29 April 2012

Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show

We decided to go and see Count Arthur Strong at the Palace Theatre in Newark on Wednesday.
I don't know if you have ever heard of him but he has become a bit of a legend in the cult radio show on Radio 4.  He has just completed his seventh series. You can read all about him here
The Count is played by Stephen Delaney and is absolutely hilarious.  It is basically a sitcom about an old actor who goes about his daily life in somewhat of a daze as his memory fades and his grasp of the English language becomes more and more confused. He gets tongue tied and the more he tries to correct himself the worse it gets.
If you get chance to listen to the repeats of his radio show on Channel Four Extra please do as he is very funny and seems to appeal to all ages.

The theatre was great.  The staff were so friendly.  We arrived really early as we went straight from work.  We were the first there and they weren't really ready for us.  It didn't matter though they just prepared around us and we sat and had a coffee and biscuits until everyone else arrived.

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