Friday, 30 March 2012

Heaths Country Store - Ollerton

I love this shop.
Of all the craft shops in the world this is the one I would choose.
It is packed to the gunnels with the most glorious quilting materials together with lots and lots of other goodies.  A lot of the fabrics are American and there is definately a feel of old America.  Heath is an Artist in his own right and there are great big pictures on the walls which he has painted himself.
I get so engrossed in the place that I often miss the obvious like the new counter which I walked straight past.
These are a selection of brand new fabrics.  I visited about a month ago and bought a selection for the make-up bag I am embroidering.  It is the project I decided to do at quilting group but I haven't got on very quickly.  I hope to finish it shortly though.
The shop is divided in to little sections show casing particular fabrics inter mingled with pictures, wall hangings and patchwork quilts.  The place never fails to inspire me and I stand and gaze at the sheer beauty of the place.
Heath the owner is a real character with very long hair.  Yesterday he was painting the picture behind the counter and was dressed in a loose flowing artists coverall. He looked very eccentric.
Finally for the wool lovers amongst us.  Moving the counter has opened up the place quite a lot.  It has lost a bit of it's character but I'm sure it will grow in to itself again.  Heath manages to fill every new nook and cranny with exciting worthwhile objects so I can't wait to see what appears the next time I visit.
I didn't manage to photograph the room at the end because there was a knit and natter group being held.  In there is where the darker more oldie worldie fabrics are together with the fat quarters.  I might get a shot next time I go.
You can visit Heaths at 1 Rufford Avenue, New Ollerton, Nottingham, NG22 9PN -
Telephone 01623 836666 or visit their website here
As ever thank you for visiting and I'll speak to you again soon.


  1. I absolutely love this shop also and it was easy to get to when we lived in Newark.
    Thanks for the happy memories.

  2. Two Bones Deb took me to Heaths on our day out and I loved it! He was dressed very eccentricly on that day too - it all adds to the drama of the place - I love it. xxx

  3. I love this place looking forward to visiting before too long.