Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Violin Lessons

Having had such a lovely time listening to the old time American music the other night I now want to add another string to my bow (did you see what I did there) and start to play the violin.  Goodness knows how I'm going to fit this in to my busy lifestyle but anything worth doing is worth doing don't you think.
Steve has already started researching instruments and teachers so by next week I should be able to buy the right one and organise some lessons.
The Knit and Natter group went well last night with eleven including me so we were up this week.  A couple of people from last weeks meeting were ill so they should be back next week.  The atmosphere felt different this week as we all settled down quicker and got on with our individual projects.  It was lovely to see everyone again and I got the opportunity to teach Holly to crochet.  It is very satisfying and makes you appreciate just what a difficult job teaching really is.  This is new ground for me as I have never taught crochet.  It makes me very happy to be able to pass on my skills to someone else.  Magic. (Sorry no photos today)

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