Friday, 4 November 2011

Ashby Canal

Hello again.
Phew I've just had quite a scare.  I decided to try the new templates which are now on offer through Blogger and got my knickers in a twist.  It looked great but I couldn't get my head around how I could show which blogs I was following and all the other rinky dinks I have on here so after a slight panic attack I have reverted back to what I know.  So much for trying new things. If anyone else has a go I'd love to know what you think

This week we have been holidaying on the the Ashby Canal. We picked up our narrow boat which was called Ashby and set off on a winter break taking in the sites from on deck.
We love this style of holiday as it suites us to slow things right down and take it steady.
On the first day we moored up at the Bosworth Battlefield site which is so quiet, particularly at this time of year.  There are still lots of boats about but they are more or less bedded down for the winter.  We only passed a handful of cruising boats all week.
Ashby is quite an old boat and I suspect that it was one of the originals in the fleet.  We have been on several now with the Ashby Boat Company and this one definately felt a little tired.
The scenery is wonderful and although we are now familiar with the surroundings we still love every nook and cranny.
The weather was great too, with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures for the time of year.  It rained heavily during the night but yesterday was the only rain we experienced during the day and that lasted only a few minutes.
Well I'd better get off now. 
Tomorrow is market day and we're moving down on to Bridge Street.  I will be opposite Burtons on a stall by myself which means I will be able to walk all round it without having to walk a mile so that will be great.  I am ever so nervous though as it feels like I'm starting all over again.  I won't have the people round me that I know and that is rather daunting as I'm not a hardened market trader yet and it was nice to have people around me that were.
I'm going to print off some new price labels so that it all looks more professional and Steve says he'll stay with me tomorrow to give me a bit of moral support.  I'm sure it will be fine.  Wish me luck.  Best wishes Paula x


  1. Best of luck! (not that you'll need it)

    You seem to have a prime place, slap bang in the middle.

    The Ashby looks very nice. Nice quiet way to spend a few days!

    Nice pics.

  2. Thanks for sharing the trip Paula, it's good to see people enjoying a relaxing holiday on the Ashby Canal and taking the time to appreciate it.

    Good luck

  3. We had a boat holiday ages ago, I think its time we had another. I'll try and fit in a visit to Worksop market before Christmas . xxxx