Sunday, 30 October 2011

Two Down Lots More To Go

Hi there
I am pleased to say that my to do list is gradually getting smaller, however I have had to add a couple of things to the end of it that I'd forgotten to mention.
This is Rupert modelling the latest in doggy attire.  He loves his new jacket and can't wait to put it on and get out in the fresh air.  My friend Carron who is the very proud owner of this little puppy has now ordered two more.
Second to be struck off the list is this baby hoodie made in the ever popular Vesper double knit wool I sell on my stall.  The lady who ordered this called yesterday to pick it up and was very pleased.  She has now asked me to make a pair of matching socks.  I did pass on the knitted blanket she also wanted me to make as I now have enough things to do to take me up to Christmas.
The blankie and Pudsey Bear are nearly finished together with the headband so photographs will be appearing soon.
It was Mums 88th Birthday yesterday so the whole family will be descending on the local pub for a meal later today.  That's eighteen adults and three children.  I'm not keen on family gatherings and usually manage to get wound up by something or someone but I'll keep my fingers crossed that today will be different. It's always nice to see everything and catch up with the news.
Anyway that's all folks.  Have a great day x

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