Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cutie Bootees

Good morning.  From where I'm sat I can't see what the weather is like but hopefully it will be glorious again.  Isn't our weather freaky at the moment?  Believe it or not, yesterday was the hottest day I have experienced whilst working my stall and as you know I started in April.
Anyway back to business.

I decided to make a pair of strawberry bootees the other day and my friend Jeanne claimed them for her friend who is having a baby girl next year.  They were going to go on my stall but I can always do some more.
The frilly ones above are for another friend, who having seen the first set asked me to make a pink and white pair.  They are so cute.  They seem to bring out the soft side of everyone who sees them.  It's a lovely feeling when you make something from a strand of wool which evokes emotion in people.  I will definitely be making more and who know perhaps a few pairs will find their way on to the stall after all. Cheers Paula x

1 comment:

  1. I have to say those little strawberry bootees are the cutest things I ever saw!
    The other pair are adorable also.
    No baby girls in my family otherwise I would have been asking where I could purchase the pattern.