Sunday, 6 January 2013

Simple Abundance

I read a lot of books, mostly romantic paperbacks but I also love self help books.  This is not because I have any particular areas of my life where I need help but just that I find personal growth fascinating and strive everyday to become a better person.  I regard these books as places to tap information and gleen the odd insight and I am always on the look out for that one book that will turn things around and change my life in some small way.
One such book was Simple Abundance - A Daybook of Comfort & Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
Every day she suggests ways to make life more simple and beautiful and how to achieve a sense of belonging and wonder.  She encourages you to look inside yourself to find what your own personal pleasures are, it could be collecting a draw with everything you need to have a wonderful pampering session with fragrant body lotions, bubble bath and face masks, or creating a little corner in your house where you can relax or meditate.
I first read this book in 2009 as a whole, loving it immediately, and since then it has never left my bedside.  I try to read one entry per day and use it as a workbook, my life in progress as it were.
When I read this first time round I started cutting out pictures from old magizines.  Ones that really appealed to me and very quickly discovered what style of clothes I really loved, what colours were my true favourites and what style of house decor truely made me happy.  This was a revelation which has stood me in good stead over the last few years.  It has given me the confidence to stick out for what I need out of life and as I say has changed my life forever!
Sarah Ban Breathnach has writen several other books which are excellent but none have affected me quite as much as this one. I'm off now to read today's instalment.
Do you have a favourite book? Please let me know.  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I used to have that book and another one of hers also although I don't remember what happened to them. A lot of stuff had to go when we moved out here.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus TOTALLY did it for me. I re read it regularly and buy any that I find in charity shops to give to pals. Hope you are well xxxxx