Sunday, 20 January 2013

Knitted Heart and Baby Blanket

Yesterday I promised to show you a finished project that I have been working on for some time, however firstly here is a little knitted heart that I completed last night and which I absolutely adore.
The pattern comes from a little book I picked up at the Works called Vintage Hearts & Flowers by Kate Haxell. There are so many projects in the book that I just have to make and I'm sure you'll feel the same way.
I knitted this in a beautiful wool by James C Brett called Aria, and as you can see it has the tiniest gold sequins threaded into the strand.  This is the first time I have used it and I think it's just perfect for this. I have been stocking JCB for about a year now and find all the yarns to be lovely and the colours are always up to the minute.
I added a tiny mother of pearl star button from my stash and a taupe ribbon which was actually what I cut out of a cardigan. You know, the ribbons they stitch in to the shoulders to help the garment stay on the hanger. I always cut them out and recycle them.
Next up is the baby blanket I was commissioned to make last year.  It has taken a lot of patience to complete, I can tell you!
I have never tackled anything like this before and probably won't again, although in the end I was thrilled with the result.
Each picture was created by using separate strands of wool. No weaving allowed. This meant that when the blanket was finished I then had about a hundred ends to weave it on the wrong side.

I only agreed to do the blanket because I thought, looking at the instructions that I would be embroidering the detail on afterwards.
There was some embroidery involved such as the black bits and on the bottle and safety pin. 

The pattern came from a Debbie Bliss baby book which has a picture of this on the front. Unfortunately I can't tell you anymore as I gave the book back when I handed over the blanket.

How cute is this little face?
There will never be another blanket like this in the whole world. Not made by me anyway!


  1. The heart you made is really lovely; I very much like the hanging ribbon/star button detail. And so pleased you like the book; it's one of my favourites.