Friday, 4 January 2013

Where does the time go?

When people retire they often say that they can't imagine how they ever fitted work in.  That they seem to have so much to do with their spare time.
I feel that about the time I have had off this week.  I can't believe that it is Friday.  My break has flown by.
Yesterday I painted the dado rail, skirting boards, two doors with surrounds and a walk in wardrobe come cupboard, not once but twice.  I registered online and did a full weekly shop which will be delivered today, organised to have a fruit and veg box delivered and made a roast dinner.  In the spare time between all that I took down all the Christmas decorations (I know it's not the twelfth night but they were grating on me).
All that and I still found time to watch Monsters Vs Aliens, have a bath, read two chapters of my book and knit about ten rows of a baby blanket, which will be ready for its unveiling very soon.
How about that then?
I'll tell you something else.  My nails are looking pretty marvelous too.
I bought this baby blue by Barry M (I always want to call it Boney M) nail varnish quite a while ago but was disappointed with it.  The free edge of my nails showed through the colour and I hate that.  Anyway I was reading Victoria's Vintage Blog the other day and she had got the same colour but had put a coat of sparkley glitter polish over the top.
I had a clear glitter varnish already and gave it a go and it transformed the look completely.  I have had this colour on for about three days now and there isn't a mark or chip on it so the glitter has also improved its last ability.  Of course I couldn't just leave it there.  I have bought another glitter varnish with bolder bits in it and I will show this once I can find time to re-paint my nails.

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  1. Love the colour - have you seen Essie polishes? They are my favourite, but find Revlon ones are great too.