Friday, 1 February 2013

Naked Cupcakes

I knew I wanted to blog today but I couldn't think of anything particularly interesting to talk about. So in an attempt to drum up some inspiration I had a scan through my photo library.
The sad thing was that nothing really hit me so I picked this very simple stand of extremely plain cupcakes.
The stand came with a box set that had been reduced to 99p in the Works and included two squeezey bottles with decorating nozzles. Quite handy although I haven't used them yet.
I only have pot or glass stands so this was a nice change and it is quite cute.
The cakes were made with an Aldi cake mix and was gorgeous and so quick to prepare. I usually make cakes from scratch but these were really easy and I had ran out of sweet treats for pack up and the box had been left in the pantry for some time.
Right I'm going now and promise to take interesting photos and go to interesting places in order to come back and talk about something worth while!

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