Saturday, 23 February 2013


I was sent an email recently inviting me to a Zentangle workshop and I was intrigued to know what this was.
To my amazement it is a kind of doodle art and although I didn't go to the workshop I have done a little research via You Tube (of course) and gave it a go.
To start with you need some white card and a fine line drawing pen.  I bought a full pack for £9.99 as I was unsure which thickness would be best.  So far I think the 02 is about right.
Here is one of my first attempts.
Basically you draw a frame with a pencil, then add a squiggly line inside the frame, which is called a string, and then you fill in the spaces with fancy patterns.  It's very quick to do and the affect is amazing.  It has a 3D look about it.  I got really wrapped up in it which I assume is why it is called Zen. It's so relaxing and very addictive.
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