Friday, 22 February 2013

February on the Chesterfield Canal

It was lovely to escape to the country today for a short walk down the Chesterfield Canal.
I fell in love with this house quite a few years ago and it recently went under the hammer. 
Forrest Middle Top Lock (Charlie's Lock)
As you can see work has started and the brick is now exposed.  The house is suffering badly from subsidence and I imagine it will cost a fortune to renovate.
This field reminded me of France especially with the red brick building in the distance.
56 - Forrest Middle Bottom Lock
It was extremely cold but we were well wrapped up.
Creeping Ivy on a tree trunk
There were no snowdrops, much to my disappointment but there were lots of fir cones. There was even a tiny little wren collecting bits of grass perhaps to make his new nest.
The colours glowed prettily through the woods.
This walk marks the start of Spring for us.  I can't wait to take more photos as the seasons unfold and the landscape changes.

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