Sunday, 3 March 2013

Quite Furious!

I have just bobbed over to the Jane Brocket blog as I do every time I log on to my own blog and low and behold I see that she has to take time out to decide whether she continues blogging for free, whether she carries on writing etc etc.
I am so annoyed.  I found Jane's blog after reading a short article about her in a magazine.  She obviously got loads of publicity from this and at the time we were able to comment and follow her. 
Since then what used to be Yarnstorm changed to Jane Brocket.
I have thought for some time that the style of her blog has altered from that of a housewife and mother wanting to share her life with her many followers to that of a successful writer who certainly knows it!
I have bought several of Jane's books and have read every word she has ever written on her blog and quite frankly I am appalled that she could consider turning her back on her loyal followers.
I understand that everyones lives change and sometimes blogging perhaps comes very low on our priorities but after all she is only where she is now because of us! Poor show Jane.
As for myself, I am sure I will never reach such dizzy heights but rest assured I will always be very grateful to everyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to read my words and look at my photographs.  Thank you everyone and speak soon when I have calmed down a bit.  Paula x

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