Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not More Snow

Oh dear this weather is getting to be a habit.  No market stall again this week.  We had so much snow yesterday and over night that I didn't even bother getting out of bed this morning.

I decided to sit and read my new book and eat a leisurely breakfast before tidying the craft room.  It has got extremely untidy following the decorating of our room and today is a good opportunity as I can't do anything else. I have been threatening to do it for the last month or so but so far I've managed to find other more pressing things to do, not surprisingly.

I will just show you a couple of things that I have been concentrating on lately. I'm not procrastinating, honest!
This is a cute little jar I covered the other evening.  I used a ball of 4 ply that had got dirty on my stall and that I therefore couldn't sell.  It only took a couple of hours to do and I am really pleased with it.
The buttons are from my stash and go very nicely with our bedroom decor.  I am never happier than when I am engrossed in my crafting obsession. 
I am currently struggling to find a suitable contract colour for our main bedroom.  I don't really want to stick to cream and camel and would love your suggestions.  The best colour yet is lime green but I don't think this goes with the French theme I am aiming for. It's the bedding that's the main problem as I can make the accessories myself later.
Since winning the Cupcake Competition I have definitely got the baking bug.  The pink ones here are flavoured with rosewater and the others are chocolate.  Very tasty but not good for the waistline.
Steve has got the bread making bug after watching Paul Hollywood the other night. He made a loaf yesterday which unfortunately didn't rise properly. It tastes delicious though.  He's going to have another go later today.
I'm turning in to a really girly girl lately.  This is my latest favourite nail varnish.  It's another Barry M one called Strawberry Ice cream.  I put a coat of glitter on top just to pep it up a bit. I love it. Of all the nail varnishs I own I must say that the Barry M ones come top of my list.