Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hardwick Hall

Hello and welcome.  Thank you for dropping by.
Today has been smashing.  We got up quite early and then popped off to the Yorkshire Outlet to buy a Strimmer for the garden.
It's quite unusual to get my husband out shopping but once I've managed it and he's in the right mood, it can be a very enjoyable experience.  Today was no exception and we ended up buying him quite a few t-shirts ready for our forthcoming holiday.  I also bought a rather becoming flowery dress and a pair of pink sudo Converse sneakers.  I love the real thing but these were £4.45 from Trespass and I couldn't resist them.
When we had finished we came home briefly to have lunch and then went to Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire.  The weather was glorious and the place lent itself to some lovely photographs.

We're back home now and Steve has gone out for a bike ride to work off the scrumcious ice cream that we just had to sample on the way out.  I had the Mandarin and Ginger and Steve had the Blueberry.

Oh changing the subject but still on the subject of scrumcious things Heather now has her own blog called Miss Cakeaholic.  Go and have a look at her homemade cupcakes, they are gorgeous.

Well I'm off to finish painting my toenails.  Bye for now, Paula x

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  1. Lovely pictures! I've been there a few times so happy memories for me.