Monday, 18 July 2011

Miss Cakeaholic

Hello and welcome.
I can hear the gasps from here.  These little fancies taste every bit as good as they look.
My sons partner Heather (or my daughter-in-law as I like to call her) will shortly be launching her cupcake company, Miss Cakeaholic, and she very kindly provided a few samples for us to try.  These are the Coke and Amaretto ones which feature a little almond biscuit perched delicately on top.
The others which unfortunately did not last long enough to be photographed were Mint Choc Chip.  The pale green icing was jam packed with chocolate and were delicious. 
She has a blog which is in its early stages and an extremely clever logo which has been designed by Joe my son.
Well done Heather and Good Luck, not that you're going to need it.
Regards Paula x

1 comment:

  1. Well how lucky are you to have someone who can bake like that in the family?
    Those cupcakes look divine. I really, really wish I was eating one right now!