Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pure Indulgence

Hello again,
Haven't we had some lovely weather these past few days. 
It was great to be at my stall yesterday with the sun warming my back.  It makes a refreshing change from the cold.
You may be surprised to learn that I actually did some gardening today.  I like gardening but this year there hasn't been much time to get out there and I have been so ashamed of my front garden, particularly when we had visitors last night and they literally had to beat down the thistles to get to the front door.  So today I finally removed all the nettles and weeds from the borders and I feel a lot more content now.
Back to the reason for today's blog title.  Please be up standing for my latest purchase.  Three beautiful lipsticks.  One promises to shine, one to be sheer and the other to volumise.  Well aren't they clever?  I just bought them because I liked them.
My stall sits in between a jewellery stall and a gigantic make-up stall.  This is girly heaven if ever there was one.
Lipsticks happen to be another one of my weaknesses and if I see one which I think just might suit me I have to have it.  You see I am not a very good judge of what lipsticks will look good on me so usually for every good one there have been two terrible ones.  Yesterday though was the exception and I now have three brand new lippies that I will be keeping.
Hooray.  Bye for now Paula x

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  1. The market sounds like shopping heaven - yarn, make up and jewellrey. What more could anyone ask?
    Nice choice of lipstick colours!