Thursday, 21 July 2011

I Love Knitting (and Sewing)

Hello, Hello
I went back to work after my two day sick leave.  I could get used to staying at home - ah well I can dream, can't I?  I didn't like the poorly bit but the lazing around I could certainly make an art form of.
There was one consolation though.  I had a parcel waiting for me when I arrived this morning.  A lovely, silly sweat shirt.  I just love it even if it is rather corny.  It will be making its first public appearance on Saturday providing the weather is cool which as ever, it is likely to be. I'm sure my customers will appreciate it.
Everything today is black and red.
Here is a hand sewn flower brooch which I have made for a lady in my local Barclays bank.  She saw my friends brooch which I had made quite a long time ago as a birthday present and she asked if I could make one for her.  I like making these as they are fairly simple and as they are hand stitched make a nice portable project for me to carry and one I can work on in my lunch hour.
I have about half a dozen of these on my stall together with a few mouse bookmarks and knitted mobile phone covers.
Well I have bought a couple of magizines this evening and have promised myself an early night so I will bid you all a very good night.  Bye Paula x

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