Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Morning Bliss

I have just hopped over to Jane Brocket's blog where she is waxing lyrical about an old fashioned newsagent and how wonderful it is to experience having your papers delivered and of paying bills over the counter instead of on line etc.
It makes me cross that we all seem to love and long for the old and traditional way of life but have been happy over the years to allow it to disappear.  Surely if we loved it so much, why is it not still a part of our every day lives?
I think it is such a shame that we only appreciate things when they are gone and that when things come back in to favour they are expensive because they are deemed fashionable and quirky.
You must be thinking that I am getting very grumpy in my old age but I'm not.
I have been spending a lovely morning sat in bed watching Create and Craft whilst knitting yet another project which I am making up as I go along.  All will be revealed in due course (if it works out).
Also I have just worked out how to use our DeLonghi coffee maker which was a Christmas gift from Mummy Sheila a couple of years ago.  Steve has used it in the past but I thought it might be a bit complicated for my delicate brain so have avoided embarrassing myself.  However I had a go (unfortunately the instructions have gone walkabout) and I am really impressed.  This morning I made a beautiful cup of frothy coffee.
With the cold weather upon us already I now have the scarf making bug.
I made this in for my holidays.
I took my inspiration from all the snoods in the shops at the moment using 3 balls of Cygnet Seriously Chunky and 15mm needles.  I finished it in an evening and it is so cosy.  Ideal for narrow boat holidays and long days stood outside on my market stall.
Steve liked mine so much that he asked for a masculine version.  This one was knitted again in one evening using just 2 balls of chunky wool.  I just ran a ball of black and one of grey together to get the variegated look.  Just 48 stitches and THICK needles.  Knit 2, purl 2 and that's it. Easy!
Lastly I obtained this pattern from the Internet free.
Using 100grams of double knit this is a one row lace pattern. I will give you the instructions for this shortly.  I have tried to find this again on line but as luck would have it I just can't seem to locate it right now.
I wore this scarf yesterday and it was just great, a lot warmer than you would think and long enough to wrap round a couple of times.  Having the loop there holds it all in place too.  Sheer genius.

OK well it is noon already and I am expecting my brother to call.  We have a major leak in our tank and I'm hoping he's going to come and rescue us, yet again.  Our house is about forty years old and everything is coming to the end of it's natural life so we will be throwing yet more money at it.  Why we can't just move I don't know.

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  1. Lovely projects.
    I hope that the repairs aren't too dear.
    I think people always dream about things that they don't have, things past or present.